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December theme: Becoming Abundant

There is a big difference between wanting something with your mind and knowing you deserve something with your heart.

In this program "CHANGE YOUR WORLD FROM WITHIN" you'll be able to experience this difference by engaging in guided meditations and exercises to reprogram your Subconscious mind and create the abundance of what you deserve!

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After practicing meditation for 12 years I still find resistance when changing some things in my World, and the only way I have been able to make "effortless" changes has been through engaging my Subconscious mind in the process.
The results have been mind-blowing, and it's my duty, more than just a desire, to teach everyone who feels stuck to changing the outcome of anything in their lives, to do it with ease! We believe it's hard, only because that's what we were taught, but it CAN be easy, if you are willing to do the work. Let me show you how... 

Weekly Activities - For Transformational Work
Time Investment: 15 min daily in Meditation + Subconscious Exercises





  • Receive your first meditation + Create your *Statement of Abundance

  • Listen to the meditation once + Recite & live your *Statement of Abundance, 3-5 times/day

  • Participate on a live meeting; receive coaching tips, ask questions and meditate live with me - 1st Sunday of the month at 8-8:30am PST

  • Receive your new second meditation + Revise your *Statement of Abundance

  • (Optional) Participate on a closed Facebook group to share the experience and ask questions along your journey

  • Listen to the new meditation at least once a day and recite & live your revised *Statement of Abundance, 3-5 times/day

  • Participate on 2nd live meeting to receive maintenance tips, ask questions and meditate live with me - 2nd Sunday of the month at 8-8:30am PST

  • Receive your third meditation + Schedule time in your calendar to recite and relive your *Statement of Abundance

  • Listen to the new meditation at least once a day

  • Connect with your revamped *Statement of Abundance, 3-5 times/day

  • Journal about your experience and insights

  • Receive your final meditation + + Schedule time in your calendar to experience your *

  • Listen to your final meditation daily + Connect with your empowered *Remindful image 3-5 times/day

  • Design an action plan to continue this practice on your own, contact Valentina if needed.

$25 per month with subscription

*Statement of Abundance

Your Statement of abundance is a phrase that you create in the present tense, to affirm something as if it had already happened. This *Statement confirms the existence of the abundance within yourself, and let's your Subconscious mind know that you're ready and able to be aligned with anything and everything that matches that which you're creating.


Valentina Febres Alvarez


My story began with using my imagination. I felt empathy towards others at a very young age (~age 4). I would find myself imagining what it would be like if they were my friends, and I happened to experience a lot of special relationships, from all ages, when I was a little.

Then, as the years passed (~age 14) I started creating my own future using my imagination, everything I thought I wanted at that moment, I would create it in my imagination, and I would be very generous! I would do this every night before I went to bed, as a way to soothe myself to sleep. What I didn't know at that moment is that I was programming my Subconscious mind to attract the experiences, the people and the things needed to make that 14 year old creation my reality today!

I learned to do this in a very natural and spontaneous way without any structure. I didn't know what I was doing until I became an adult (~age 35) when I began studying under spiritual teachers and master hypnotists that showed me the power of my Subconscious mind. It all came together! I now dedicate my life to creating what I feel I deserve and help people like you create theirs! I've created a structure that's proven to work, if you'd like to join me, I'd love to hear your story!


Aya L.

Finding Valentina & her meditations have been one of the biggest mental game changers for me. During the pandemic, her mediations have given me the peace, guidance, and strength to stay mentally strong, grounded, and focused. She’s helped to quiet the noise & reduce stress so much so that I've decided to start all my days with her recorded meditations to help set the tone for the day. Nothing to lose & so much to gain. Give it a shot!" Aya L.

Ellen J.

My experience with Valentina during her meditations is bountiful. I have a busy career with my own single shingle business. I find that I need structured time in guided meditation to help reduce stress and slow myself down. Valentina has a gorgeous way of evolving the meditation effectively and efficiently in just the right amount of time.  No just jumping in which is impossible.  First I am able to settle in and become still with a focus on the breath; second I can get in tune with my emotional life through Valentina's wonderful imagery; third, I discover new ideas and in some instances aha moments because of her insights through her series of prompts. For me, Valentina's meditation is a soul-based journey that I find instrumental in sorting out my life.  I am often compelled to write in my journal after the mediation has ended." Ellen J.

Bonnie C.

Valentina is a qualified meditation teacher, she has helped many people discover their true potential through meditation. Valentina shared her knowledge with our group, doing various meditation techniques and practices. These sessions have changed my life forever, producing an abundance of joy and happiness. She is very skilled and has many years’ experience leading groups of people in meditation, like you and me. I especially value her questioning mind which I believe brought deeper meaning to all of our lives. If you are looking for a life changing meditation practice, Valentina would be your choice. She will teach you how to become a self-observer and guide you into a calm mind trained by meditation, which will produce a full life, complete with joy and happiness. I would highly recommend her! I am forever grateful for my time under her teachings. Much gratitude."  Bonnie C

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