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Work With Valentina

Establishing the Habit of Meditation

Meditation is a habit that wasn't easy for me to establish, but it has been one that I have benefitted immensely from. It has helped me from simple things like, loading the dishwasher gracefully to deeper stuff like, the way I can influence the immediate world around me more effectively and lovingly.


Has it been difficult for you to integrate meditation into your daily life?

Do you want to meditate regularly but end up skipping or not prioritizing?

Then this program is for you!


It takes more than a few days to establish a new habit. That's why I want to guide you in this journey, and invite you to register in the Create the Habit of Meditation program with a friend or maybe just by yourself!

Why I Meditate:

  • It relieves stress and helps me relax.

  • When practicing mindfulness, I feel empowered to go into my daily life.

  • Mindfulness helps live simply and slowly, change habits, be present in everything I do and create my life from my heart.

  • Meditation has mental benefits I have benefitted from, such as improved focus, happiness, self-control, work performance and more.

  • Some research on meditation has indicated that it may have other health benefits, including improved metabolism, heart rate, breathing, blood pressure and more.

By participating in my programs you will:

  • Be part of a community who’s also developing the meditation habit

  • Develop or maintain the habit of meditation which you can continue for the
    rest of your life

  • Become mindful of the content of your mind and harness the power
    of trusting yourself

  • Build resilience during periods of change



Open up to Your Soul Memory

Experience Spiritual Hypnosis

Spiritual Regression allows us to transcend our human conscious mind and open up to our soul memory.

I use relaxation techniques and hyp­nother­apy to gen­tly guide you to a jour­ney to your past, where you will explore and experience a past memory, a spiritual message or a past life that is relevant to this current lifetime.


I've been able to access and discover unconscious patterns in my life that were holding me back from being the best version of myself. I continue to work with them and truly enjoy guiding others to discover their own hidden memories.


I trained with Dr. Brian Weiss, studying intuitive exercises and hypnosis techniques, with the intention of achieving a connection with my higher guidance and my goal is to help you achieve yours!

During a Spiritual Regression session, you can access subconscious messages from the spirit realm, from past experiences in this current lifetime, or from past lives. These are brought to light for your personal and spiritual growth. Let's grow!


If this sounds interesting, schedule your session below.

Much love to you,


Brian Weiss and Valentina Febres Alvarez
Happyou Happyme Regression Certificate.j
Experience Spiritual Hypnosis


“I feel that things have shifted in a permanent way for the better since that magical afternoon under warm protection and your guidance. I feel lasting sense of equanimity, particularly in situations of turbulence and uncertainty. And I have the image of a golden light emanating from my core that I feel others can sense as well. It's an image I go back to frequently when I am wondering which direction to go. It's all right here! I also feel that I have started (and will continue to nurture) a new and much matured relationship with my late mother-in-law. There are times when I feel that she is with me and all the fear and doubt have completely dissipated. I know that she's on my team!"

LOLA / Group Regression June 2022

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