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2hr Spiritual Regression Private Session

Schedule a Free 15-min Consult Before Regression Now.

  • 15 minutes
  • 2hr Session $220
  • Phone Call

Service Description

Hello there, We'll do a 15-min initial consultation first. Please, select your preferred time so we can chat about the best strategy and best time for your session. This 2-hr session is an important decision and I value your trust, that's why I'd like to discuss your intentions for scheduling a Spiritual Regression Session. It's very important that we have a sense of trust and clarity before scheduling. (You will receive a Zoom meeting invitation before your session) In the scheduled one-on-one, 2-hour virtual session, you will work with personalized exercises to enable a smooth connection with your creative brain, the part of the brain that will be more active during the Spiritual Regression. During the relaxation time you could access subconscious messages from the spirit realm, from past experiences in this current lifetime, or from past lives, that may need to be brought to light for your personal and spiritual growth. The possibilities are endless and are unique to each individual. With relaxation techniques I've been able to access and discover unconscious patterns in my life that were holding me back from being the best version of myself. These patterns were brought to my conscious mind through this process, and I continue to work with them as I make progress to become the best version of myself. I truly enjoy helping others discover their own messages and hidden memories to become their best selves. I trained with Dr. Brian Weiss, author of the book "Many Lives Many Masters", studying intuitive exercises and hypnosis techniques, with the intention of achieving a connection with my higher guidance and helping others achieve theirs. ~Valentina.

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