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Change Your Money Mindset • Change Your World From Within

Change Your Money Mindset • Change Your World From Within

Listen to each meditation recording every day, for at least 5 days. Until you can sense a shift in the mind, and that means you're ready to move to the next meditation. This can be a transformational experience and your success is determined by your commitment ~10 minutes a day during 28 days.


• Transform your money mindset forever!

• Start a fresh meditation every week

• 4 New meditation recordings you keep forever!

• Invest ~10 minutes of your day

• Establish a habit that you can continue on your own for the rest of your life.


Each week aligning you closer to your new Money Mindset!


About your meditation guide: Valentina started studying Tibetan Buddhism in 2009. She trained with Dr. Brian Weiss, studying intuitive exercises and hypnosis techniques, Valentina has been actively leading weekly meditation groups & Spiritual Regressions since 2016. 


By participating fully in these 28 days you will:

  • Develop the habit of meditation which you can continue for the rest of your life
  • Meditate in your own time for only ~10 minutes daily
  • Become mindful of the content of your mind and harness the power of trusting yourself
  • Build resilience during periods of change
  • Finish strong with a solid practice of Meditation that you can continue on your own, or with the HappyouHappyme community, for the rest of your life!
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