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Meditation Guide &
Spiritual Regressionist

Meet Your Meditation Teacher

It all began with the search of my authentic path. I started studying Tibetan Buddhism in 2009, which sparked a strong interest in the subconscious, and it gave me the opportunity to explore the vast potential of inner growth that can be accessed through meditation and concentration techniques. I enjoy exploring these techniques with other aspirants in all levels of meditation!

I have been leading weekly meditation groups since 2016. 

Guiding them through a variety of meditation techniques that can bring us in alignment with our most authentic path. 

I've developed meditation techniques learned from my own teachers: Brian Weiss, Erin Bannink, Ekhart Tolle, and Tara Brach, to name a few.​

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Change Your World From Within Monthly Meditation Program

Have you worked with your Subconscious mind intentionally?
Change can be done with ease, it does not need to be hard! Join me in this monthly program that will teach you how to change the outcomes of your life from a different level, by accessing and influencing your Subconscious mind.





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1 month program

- 4 Live meditation sessions (20-min) Sundays 8:15 am Pacific

- 4 powerful progressive meditation recordings, to practice on your own

- Live Support and guidance every Sunday

This is a transformational program and its success is determined by your commitment, 10 min/day.

Click here to purchase previous months' recordings for only $16

Change your world

The Experience ...

Marcie B.

I have been practicing with Valentina and Change Your World From Within for two years now. I definitely feel periods of awareness and a greater sense of freedom and peace. I would absolutely recommend the program to anyone interested in mastering their mind.

Bonnie C.

Valentina shared her knowledge with our group, doing various meditation techniques and practices. These sessions have changed my life forever, producing an abundance of joy and happiness. She is very skilled and has many years’ experience leading groups of people in meditation, like you and me. I especially value her questioning mind which I believe brought deeper meaning to all of our lives.

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Reminders for a HappYou

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