Our satisfaction doesn’t really come from the choices we make, it comes from

accepting the choices we make.

In other words, being okay with where you are in your current situation and

understanding that you’re meant to be here, is your first step in moving towards

where you need to be.

How does this relate to living longer?

Well, here’s some food for thought that can encourage us to accept the choices we

have made, and create our next step towards happiness:

“Happiness tells your body that you are still present. That you are needed.”


“Happiness appears to be inversely related to perceived stress, and may protect against

illness through better immune response.”



So, what is it that keeps us from regularly practicing what has been proven to

make us happier and healthier?

My conclusion is that we forget!

We go about our lives and get trapped in the routine and the problem-solving mode,

and forget that there are simple routines we can practice to always be present with

what makes us experience happiness.

If you’re reading this, it means you want to be reminded of your choice of

happiness. So, let’s take action!

Make a list of at least three small actions you will take consistently to never forget.

This is the key to living a healthy and long life. Consistency and perseverance.

The three consistent actions I am taking on a daily basis right now are: