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This week’s is about the most important step to creating the fulfilling-happy reality

you want. And if you’re reading this, I know that’s what we both want!

Get clear on WHO you want to help. (I’m hashtagging this: #PairUp)

Deciding to live a HappyouHappyme life is about selfless actions that connect you to

others and to your higher purpose. This is what will ultimately bring satisfaction and

fulfillment to your life, when practiced on a regular basis.

Countless research show the consequences of Selfless actions vs. Self-Centered

actions. Here’s one if you want to know the science behind this.

When you understand this, you become Empowered, but when you practice

this, you are Unstoppable!

Let’s get to work and #PairUp with someone in your life that you feel needs help in

any way. First, this is a mental exercise, then you need to add intention to it

to follow through.

Tip: the closer this person is to your life, the harder it is to follow through. You may

consider starting with someone you don’t live with

When I first tried this, I picked someone from work whom I didn’t really like. I knew

this person needed my help. With good intention, I made sure she got what she

needed and, long story short, everything unfolded in a way that exceeded my vision

of being happy at work. My process took about 3 months, but when you understand

what you’re doing and take consistent action, you will be creating your desired

reality. After a while, this will become a spontaneous process, I promise.

Enjoy this life-long exercise and make sure you share it with others using the links


To a Happyou!


PS. Please, e-mail me if you have any questions regarding your own #PairUp

exercise, I would be happy to help.

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