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We have the tendency to live in autopilot, meaning most of the time we’re not

paying attention to WHY we do what we do. When we come back to the reason WHY

we started everything, we may find out that we have lost contact with our purpose.


Focus on the reasons why you decided to be reading this today, or the reason

why you’re working where you’re working. The answer to these type of questions

will take you to see a different perspective on the things you are doing every day.

(I constantly try to ask myself WHY I’m eating what I eat, and the answer leads me to

make better food choices. I also like to remember WHY I decided to have children, and

the answer to this one, always allows me to have a much better attitude towards our

daily routines!)

What’s the answer to your WHY question today?

By remembering why you do what you do, you will be living with purpose, and this

will lead you to stay focused on what’s ultimately important in your life.

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important, leave your comment below.

To a Happy You!


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