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When I was a child, every night before going to bed, I’d close my eyes and imagined

my life as a grown up:

A beautiful home, with a loving husband and playful kids. I would even imagine our

rushed mornings to get the kids to school and all the fun we had as a family. I lived this

moment as if it was real.

Well, I recently realized, that what I had imagined, night after night, is the reality I’m

living right now. I created this with my imagination!

This week, get very clear on how you want your life to be, and work on a mental

image that works for you. Visit this image every day, maybe before going to bed, and

let it fill you with joy.

Reminder: Your imagination is your SuperPower!

Thanks for stopping by to get your weekly Reminder. Don’t forget to leave a

comment below with your experience!

To a Happyou!


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