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There is always an area in our lives where we feel we need more of anything. For me,

I feel I don’t have enough hours in the day to finish my Happyou Happyme website

project, and I’d like to be at peace with the time I have available, now that my kids are in

summer break.

In what area of your life do you feel you need more?

Abundance has to come from within. It’s a feeling we learn to connect to. So, I’m

practicing some techniques that have been freeing for me and I’d like to share with

you my 3 most efficient tips that can change the way you perceive abundance in

your life:

1. Feel abundance and stop trying to own it: when we understand abundance as

something we can feel and tune into, we can start manifesting whatever it is we

want. Get in the habit of connecting with the feeling of abundance you want, instead

of connecting with the thing itself.

2. Keep count of what others do for you: with your spouse, friend or kids (anyone

close to you) get in the habit of counting all the good things they do, instead of what

they don’t do. Your mind will transform the experience you have with that person, and you will start feeling you’re getting more than you thought you were.

3. Do what you love, and do it often!: sometimes we forget to do the things we

love to do most. Make sure you make time to do what you love doing. This will keep

you open to receive.

The regular practice of these tips will help you find the experience of abundance you

deserve. And this summer can be a good opportunity to manifest those things we

want to have in our lives!

Happy summer!


PS. Don’t forget to share your wisdom with those who deserve more abundance in

their lives.

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