This week’s reminder is very special! This tool can be the most powerful one you have, to creating change in your life and the life of those around you.


Just watch your thoughts
and you will see more
They will attract
what you really want

Because what you think
is shaping your life
But you didn’t know,
you were just being nice

So watch your thoughts
and you won’t be wrong
It’s your silent power
and that’s who you’ll become

A happy you
will make a happy me,
your thinking is a tool
to always do good!

Let these words stick with you with this powerful Rap! why not…

(I like to watch my thoughts before going to sleep and when taking a shower. I choose those thoughts I know will create the experience I want, and let go of those that won’t)

When’s that perfect moment in your day to practice taking control of your thoughts?

Bring to mind only what you’d like to become. You will be impressed of the power you have.Don’t forget to leave your footprint by leaving a comment below!

To a Happy You!

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