This #Reminder is one to Live by!
It’s not about your beliefs or important ideas in your life. This is about the VALUE you give to yourself.


We are pretty clear on the value of our things and sometimes on the value of the people we interact with, but are we clear on the Value we give ourselves?

Think about one thing you could do to show yourself that you are Valuable. Could you commit to doing this everyday?

I take 15 minutes a day of quiet time, that’s right, every day I silence the world (electronics) and I go into my thoughts, desires, dreams. I envision what I want for myself and what I feel I deserve. Some people call this “meditation”.
For you this could mean to take “meaningful” time in the shower or to have one “conscious” meal a day.

How are you going to show yourself that you are Valuable? (every day)

When you get in the habit of showing yourself that you are Valuable, you are in a great place to nurture and value others.

If this idea clicks with you, take a moment and leave your comment below… I’m sure many of us can use it as inspiration!

To a Happy You!