When we are kids, the image we create of ourselves is mainly dictated by the feedback we receive from others. This can stick with us for a looong time; Until we understand how to unlock our true expression in the world.

I would like to pass along this concept that completely changed my life, once I understood how it worked.
Hopefully you can teach it to a child in your life…

Your true self expression in life is your priority, and the way you will achieve your true expression will be determined by the ways you allow and help others express themselves.

In other words, understanding that what you want is intertwined with how you help others achieve what they want, is the key to unstoppable happiness for yourself and everyone around you!

The trick is, before you want to figure out how to find your true expression, pay attention to how you are allowing your friends to find theirs. Everything will effortlessly evolve from there!

Start by never forgetting where happiness and satisfaction come from. Give the Reminder of Happiness to a child in your life to wear to school this year. They can start finding their own lasting happiness! click here


To a Happyou!