We all have someone in our lives that sparks that hidden jewel within us. A person that makes us feel challenged, but confident and motivated to do what we need to be doing. It could be someone as close to you as your friend or as distant as your junior high teacher.

This is your #Reminder to surround yourself with the kind of people that bring the best of you. They are in your life for a reason, and they are the ones who could really support you in Being the Best Version of Yourself.

Sometimes it can be difficult to steer away from relationships that don’t add much to our lives. But until we do it, we are going to experience resistance in believing we have a much better life to live.

Our comfort zone can feel okay, but we are not here to live an okay life. We are here to make the best of it!

It wasn’t until I realized this that I was certain I had a special life to live. I hope you live seeing the jewel within yourself and surround your life with meaningful people that will support you in being your Best!


To a Happyou!

P.S. If you have someone in your life that will benefit from reading this, you may be that person who shows them how to find their jewel. Share this message using the social icons below!