We all like to feel strong, don’t we?

Here’s one thing, that normally gets overlooked, and can be the most important tool to feeling Strong: Vulnerability.

We grow up thinking that being vulnerable is a sign of weakness, but in reality, vulnerability is the one tool that can develop an authentic connection with our purpose in life, and ultimately, make us Stronger.

Think about a time when you felt like you could have done something different, but for some reason, you did “the right thing”. Were you protecting yourself from pain? Were you afraid to be seen as a fool? Maybe without even knowing it, you were not allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

(This week I’m going to practice being vulnerable and prove that I can connect with what my real self wants. I may do things that seem wrong or dumb to others, but I will go for it anyways. Who’s with me? [Don’t be surprised if you see me crying tears of joy in the supermarket isles, I’ve been wanting to do that for a while])

We’d love to hear how you practice your vulnerability, by leaving your comments below…

Being vulnerable is about being open to let others see who you really are. Is the only way to live authentically. This can be hard, but if you want to feel empowered by your real purpose in life, you HAVE to live vulnerably.

When we pretend to be someone different than who we want to be, we are letting others rule our lives… and this, leads to unhappiness.

What are you willing to do today to show the real You!?

To a Happy you!

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