This has been a breakthrough week for me. I have discovered that I may know many tools and techniques for being and staying happy, but I don’t always have the clarity to apply them “right away” in my own life. Sometimes it takes a friend or someone special to point it out for me.

So, I’d like to celebrate friendship this week and share with you my most important technique: THE HAPPY Formula!

This has been developed through years of studying and practicing the Art of Lasting Happiness, and I’m very excited to have come up with a simple-life-changing formula that could help you in those moments in life when you wish to experience a sense of happiness and stay in it day after day.

Here it is:

Hope you can change something
Acknowledge what it is
Pick someone going through a similar situation
Put yourself in his/her shoes
You will help them alleviate/solve the situation

I guarantee you that after following through these steps, you WILL start to see a change in your own situation and experience.

Although there’s an important ingredient that MUST be present during the process. You need to wish to solve the issue for someone else as much as you wish to solve it for yourself!

Voilà! Enjoy practicing the HAPPY formula, and leave your comments below. We can learn from your experience too…

Thank you for being part of Happyou Happyme. It means the World to me!