SPIRITUAL REGRESSION is a tool that allows you to access your Subconscious by actively participating in concentration exercises and a deep relaxation, to uncover hidden memories, aspects of yourself that make you who you are today.
This is a valuable tool to access the blue print of your spiritual journey and to release any ties or limitations that unconscious memories have placed in YOU.
A little bit about me: In 2008 I started my formal inner journey. In 2009 I started studying Tibetan Buddhism, which sparked a strong interest in the Subconscious, and the opportunity to explore the vast potential of inner growth that can be accessed through concentration techniques like Meditation and Spiritual Hypnosis. I trained with Dr. Brian Weiss in 2016, studying intuitive exercises and hypnosis techniques, with the hope of achieving a successful connection with my higher guidance as well as helping others in their spiritual journey. I currently guide a Meditation class at Red Lotus Yoga, study Psychology and also enjoy working as a Spanish Translator.