This is the moment when I realized I could create the happiest and most desirable life I ever imagined possible. And you can do the same…

At some level, we all want the same, to be happy and suffer less, right?

If you are like me, you may have asked yourself this question:
Am I doing the right thing to be Happy?

The first time I consciously took action, and decided to look for the answer to this question, is what I’m about to share with you today.

Hello, my name is Valentina, and this is how Happyou Happyme was born:

When my mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, I realized there was a deep suffering I had never experienced before. I was very afraid, and at that time, I felt as if this could never be described or be understood by anyone, even if I tried.

So, I went deep into “a hole” and couldn’t find the way out of this pain. I just focused on how this experience was affecting “me”, so I wasn’t able to move forward in any way.

One evening, as I was having a deep conversation with my husband, I realized that we were not happy in our relationship. I felt as if the way we were living was “broken”, and at that moment I noticed this wasn’t natural. The natural and intended way to live is by protecting each other, and we were not doing this. Each of us was trying to protect only our own selves.

I was mostly focusing on myself and my circumstances, and didn’t realize I was digging my own deep hole. I was only focusing on “my problem” and how it was affecting “me”.

That evening, I had a clear vision of how animals interact with their species and clearly saw how they instinctively protect each other. Why couldn’t we? This vision was very powerful to me, it allowed me to see how natural it is to look out for each other, and at this moment I felt motivated to come out of my hole and start including people around me.

I gradually found peace with my heart and accepted that I had experienced this suffering and “brokenness” only to learn the greatest lesson there was for me to take from life: “Happiness comes from the simple things we do for others”

Often, we don’t realize how our daily actions and choices make our life experience.

We all have the choice to live a Happy life and this can be renewed each day. I am committed to showing you how this can be done.


To a Happyou!

Founder and Advocate, Happyou Happyme

Selfie with family

My family’s selfie.




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