I know of one tool that will help you get a grip of your thoughts and use them only when you need them. Sometimes we all need a break from thinking and a good night sleep may not do it for us.

Is meditation for you?

If you call yourself a meditator, then you know the benefits of it, and if you have not given it a try, or you have tried it and it hasn’t really worked for you, here’s a good source to get you started. You can sign up for free. (I am not associated with them. I just happened to stumble upon this great tool as I was trying to run away from the busy-ness of my own head!)

Check them out by clicking on the dot:   

(I have discovered that by spending 10-20 minutes a day in meditation I’m able to make some space in my head. I’m no longer reacting to every situation and can allow some space to feel, connect and respond. Which, by the way feels great and in control, when I do it)

Meditation can be practiced in many different ways. What you really need to know is that there is no shortcut or rushed way to master a still or calm mind. You need to find the way it works best for you and spend some time in stillness every day.

By opening some space in your head, you will be more creative and more responsive with others. Guaranteed!

Can’t wait to connect with you again next week!


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