What if you were told today that the End Goal of your life was to be in the body you are in, in the conditions you live in right now, with the people you’re surrounded with.

Would this change your approach to life?

It seems like we (humans) spend most of our lives trying to figure out what our purpose is. At least I do 🙂

A basic way to connect to the Why I Am Here question is to KNOW that we are here to be ourselves, to accept the body we have today and the mind we have today, and use it to its best capacity. Not when I lose 10 pounds, and not when I find time to relax. Simply Now.

Our End Goal is to be where we are.

This Reminder hit me this morning as I was trying to control the outcome of my “so loved” morning routine. A lot of things went “the wrong” way, according to my expectations, and I caught myself getting upset with the situation.

What if I just accepted the experience as it was happening, and really trusted the fact that it needed to happen for me to be present enough to grow with it. What if my End Goal this morning was to flow with my situation, instead of pursuing my expectation.

My hope is that you find the flow in your Right Now and stop living up to the expectation. You will have found your End Goal.


To a Happyou,