How it Works

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Thank you for being part of HappyouHappyme!

I hear you want to Unlock Lasting Happiness… Well, there is a Secret Formula that works without fail!

Here’ it is… THE SECRET FORMULA for H-A-P-P-Y:

Hope you can achieve   [ blank ]  
…this should be a feeling.
–not a thing.
Acknowledge it
…by connecting with the feeling. e.g. you want a car 
connect with the feeling as if you were in the car. Is it freedom?
Pick someone wanting what you want
…there’s always someone close to you
who want to experience the same feeling. e.g.  the feeling of freedom 
Put yourself in their situation
…how can I help them experience what we both want?
You’ll take action
…to help them achieve what they want.
if freedom…give them a ride? help them find a new job? Ask & Listen!

That’s it! with this formula you can create anything you want,
I dare you to prove it wrong by trying it out!

See the results in your life!
The stronger your intention to help this person get what you both want
the faster and bigger the results in your life!

You will receive short & sweet reminders to start

the *HappyouHappyme* experience you have unlocked. 

Take consistent action and you will be impressed with the results.

Your next Reminder will arrive in about a week.

Welcome to a HappyouHappyme life. I love that you’re in this with me 🙂

Let’s go!


HOW IT WORKS – understand happiness


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HOW IT WORKS – experience happiness

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