Whatever it is we feel we need (quality time with that special person, money, love, recognition, or simply peace) we will receive it as long as we’re giving it.

–This one has been one of the biggest lessons in life for me, because the moment I feel I’m needing anything important from life, if I take a look inside myself, I know (and only I do) that I have been holding from giving “that” to someone else.–

Think about something you want today.

This is what Happyou Happyme is all about, understanding our choice of giving, and therefore our choice of receiving. The moment we resist this natural cycle of giving/receiving from flowing, we start to experience a need.

–For me, I need more quality time with my close family. So I have started to ask myself: have I been available to provide quality time to my friends or family when they needed it? … I know the answer to this one –

So, join me in practicing our choice of receiving more, by starting to give more!

How do you plan on receiving more of what you wantleave your comment below…

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