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About HappYou HappyMe

Over ten years ago I experienced the illness and death of my own mother and the overwhelming feelings of emotional pain and hopelessness, followed by a sudden relief, after an interesting shift in perspective. This contrasting experience led me to research on the Self-centeredness and Selflessness psychological functionings. 

The threatening feeling of my mother’s death approaching made me feel hopeless, it was terrifying. I couldn’t stop thinking about my suffering and I started to amplify the sense of responsibility I had over my children and household, to the point that it all felt as a heavy burden. I didn’t realize my Self-centered psychological functioning was creating a big impact on how I was experiencing these feelings. I did not see, nor considered others around me, therefore I felt alone. I was suffering.

The interesting shift in my perspective started one night after a steamy discussion with my husband; a vision of a herd of deer crossing our street came to my mind, one of the deer had  lifted its white tail to

warn the rest of the herd of an approaching hazard,

the deer rushed through the street, signaling the others with its white tail lifted, and none of them got hurt while crossing.

This image was key for me to see the perspective on the situation I was experiencing with my suffering. I realized that I was not communicating my approaching hazard to “my herd” (my family), like animals do, who don’t have a sense of self. Nor was I protecting or thinking about their well being, and this behavior magnified my feelings of loneliness and hopelessness. I only got to realize this when I started to focus my attention towards others around me, instead of just towards my own suffering. The changes that started happening in my life were so drastically positive that I felt the need to research more about what was happening with me, and understand the drastic shift in perception that was inspired by the natural Selfless behavior in animals.

This is how the Happyou Happyme way of life started for me. Join me in working to create this experience together.

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