I’m always trying to find the next Big thing I want to blog about, the one that would have the most impact on the people that want to live a Happyou Happyme life.

This morning, as I was getting ready to send this #Reminder, I noticed a small box (from the picture) I have in my coffee table and thought, there is nothing Big or elaborated I need to remind us about! The Little and simple things will one day be the BIG important things!

This week, I want to “Enjoy the Little Things”!

Let the Little things fulfill your day. Let’s pay attention, and be thankful, for the small things that surround us, and that are part of our life everyday.

For me that will be: My kid’s stories, the roof that covers me every night, a goodnight kiss, the warmth of my coffee on a chilly morning, our family dinner, and maybe my own smile as I look in the mirror before brushing 🙂

What’s that little thing in your life that someday will be the Big thing?


To a wonderful week!