Sometimes we let some people in our lives go unnoticed. Especially those who have brought us to where we are now.

This week’s #HYHMReminder is about recognizing all the things, small or big, that others do for us every day.

I recently had the privilege of seeing my entire family for a whole week (see our Happy family Happy me picture above!). What made me most happy about this wasn’t the fact that we had all traveled to spend time together in a beautiful place. It was that I could recognize how each of them have contributed to who I am today.

Each person in our life is in charge of waking up a piece within us, and recognizing that, will give us a sense of gratitude and joy that lasts for as long as we want to stay aware of it.

Count your blessings each day. They make who you are!

Make sure you share this with special people only :o)

To a Happyou!