Stimulus [ space ] Response


We all have the power to choose between response and reaction, IF we open a space to observe ourselves.

As human beings (unlike any other species in this planet) we have the capacity to observe what’s happening to us, therefore we have the option to step aside from any experience, good or bad, and choose how to respond (even if that means not doing anything at all).

This may be the hardest thing to do for some of us, but knowing this is possible, we can begin to practice “s-p-a-c-e” in our daily lives.

Start with the simple things like traffic jams. Someone cuts you off and your immediate reaction may be to yell or signal something to the other driver. Allow a [ space ] between the stimulus and the response so it doesn’t turn into a reaction.

The practice of this can build up to more important areas in our lives where more emotions may be involved, and where there’s more at stake. Like in a close relationship between friends, co-workers or even our own kids or parents.

The main aggravator to most damaged relationships may be the fact that we are not allowing enough [ space ] to choose our responses.

Our reactions are mainly determined by our past programming and when not allowed enough space, they will dominate our experience with others.

This takes practice, but when we understand that we are the creators of our own experience, we give ourselves the power to choose what’s best for everyone!

To a Happyou!