Being out of bed, or having had a caffeine dose, doesn’t really mean we are awake. It is when we decide to pay attention to the meaningful things in our day that we really awaken to what’s around us!

When we allow our kids’ whining to be what it is (a need for love) or maybe allowing a person to complain about the design of their Starbucks cup, to be what it is (a need for more meaningful things in their lives) we have suddenly awaken to seeing another reality that permeates over any negative assumption and allows us to see what’s important.

Being awake means to be able to see beyond our structured selves (the conditions we have let ourselves be ruled by, social, cultural, religious, etc) and explore a different layer or flavor to any situation, by not falling into patterns that separate us from others.

A little peak to my personal experience: This morning, my daughter was upset because she decided not to have her cereal. At the time we were ready to have our lunch, she pulled out the milk and decided to eat breakfast. I explained that it was lunchtime and having sugary cereal over chicken soup, was something that at this point I had to choose for her. She started a drama scene that had I not been awaken for it, it would have ruined our lunch time. 

Not that I can do this everyday or every time a situation arises, but practicing this awakened state has permeated the ego part of me that wants to make things “right”. So I decided to look beyond her tantrum, and saw her frustration for not making a decision earlier this morning. This allowed me to see a different layer to the situation and I could propose a solution that let us have a happy lunch together and a good treat after.

Let’s practice being awake this weekend and explore what comes out from us!

To our awakening and to a Happyou!