Happyou Happyme is all about experiencing happiness through the small things we do for others. This is a technique that has been studied by many scientists from many disciplines. Here’s an article (I’ve highlighted the key paragraphs on page 2, 3 and 7) that describes the effects on experiencing happiness through taking the attention from yourself to others around you.

It’s very nice to hear about all the possibilities for us to possibly get closer to experiencing lasting happiness. But in reality, we need the action to experience the result.

I am calling September: action month. This will start the traction to close our last quarter of the year with some great results!


Action today = Results tomorrow


Let’s commit to practicing one action every day this week.
Focusing on just one action will allow us to measure and to start seeing the shift in the experience of happiness.


Here’s your key action for this week:

Choose one task, that is not your responsibility, and do it for someone else.


This may look like:
Picking up someone else’s trash and bringing it to the garbage bin.
Loading the dishwasher with someone else’s dishes.
Bringing a dried towel to someone at the gym.
Wheeling someone else’s store cart to the “cart parking area” at the store.
Prepping the conference room for a co-worker.

You can apply this to any activity in your day.

If you feel you already do this on a regular basis, I want to challenge you to write it down. It makes a huge difference when we pay attention to what we’re doing and give it some intention!

I would love to hear about you or someone who did something for you!
Please take a moment to comment below or go to our Facebook group to post your actions and experiences to inspire others!

To a Happyou!